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Post  bluesky19 on Sat Feb 21, 2009 10:50 pm

(Nih XP Modif buat nambah koleksi lagi..... ini dah asli )...


I'm new here. Anyway, i have big plans . As far as i read from forum, a lot of users started the CyberXP Project, a Windows Project exclusively for CyberWarez.iNFO Members.

Let's go to description and what i would like to do for CyberXP v1.

Well, firstly, i would like a multi-boot DVD. Yes, a DVD, because the capacity of a CD would not cover the necessities of every corporate user.

I also need a perfect Windows core, which i will built with testings. Then, it'll come drivers (almost 95% drivers are covered), applications and of course, interface.I will not give details so when it'll come, it'll be a pleasant surprise.

I'm absolutely sure that there are many skeptics about the release of this Windows too. Even if i encounter problems through the development stage, it'll be surely out, with, of course, the expected delay.

Screenshots :

Text Mode Installtion :

CyberXP v1 Bootmenudn4
CyberXP v1 Installationscreenkt8
CyberXP v1 Bootjb2
CyberXP v1 Loginscreenoe6
CyberXP v1 Genuinenc3 Sad Sad
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