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SeaWorld Adventur Park Tycoon Ve0l84
nter one of America's most wondrous, fun and entertaining adventure parks - SeaWorld®️! But you're not a guest, YOU'RE IN CHARGE!
That's right, you're running the show, and are you busy! As soon as the game starts, guests are at your gates ready for a wonderful experience. Is the roller coaster ready? Is Shamu prepared to put on the show? Do you have enough people hired?
You'll be so busy, you'll be lucky to find the time to take in the dolphin show!

Here’s your chance to build and manage a SeaWorld®️ Adventure Park of your very own NOW IN 3D! As the park manager, it’s all up to you. Build real SeaWorld®️ rides and attractions, invite guests to Shamu Stadium, construct roller coasters, water rides and much more, but above all else, keep your guests happy. SeaWorld®️ Adventure Parks Tycoon™️ 2 offers many all new features such as animal training mode, animal conservation mode, more SeaWorld®️ attractions and animals, newly detailed maps based on the 3 SeaWorld®️ Parks, greater guest interaction and an extended animals browser. With so much to do and see, you and your guests will keep coming back for more!

Hardware Requirements
Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP /Processor: Pentium III 400 Mhz RAM: 128 MB /Hard Drive: 600 MB free CD-ROM: 8x /Video Card: 16 MB DriectX Compatible
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