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Post  uj3nK on Thu Feb 12, 2009 11:15 am

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Silahkan sedot :

Platform:Windows Vista
Vista :Based on Vista Ultimate
Category : Operating System
Activation Needed :No CD-Key : No
Size:2.80 GB
No of DVD's : 1 in ISO image format
Customized By : Buster67
Minimum System Requirements:

� 40 GB of HDD space
� 128MB of Graphics Memory (Capable to run Windows Aero)
� 17� inch Monitor (1024 x 768)

Vista Extreme Gamer Cn2mnc0uhbufqa4xxrov windows_vista_extreme_gamer.part01.rar windows_vista_extreme_gamer.part02.rar windows_vista_extreme_gamer.part03.rar windows_vista_extreme_gamer.part04.rar windows_vista_extreme_gamer.part05.rar windows_vista_extreme_gamer.part06.rar windows_vista_extreme_gamer.part07.rar windows_vista_extreme_gamer.part08.rar windows_vista_extreme_gamer.part09.rar windows_vista_extreme_gamer.part10.rar windows_vista_extreme_gamer.part11.rar windows_vista_extreme_gamer.part12.rar windows_vista_extreme_gamer.part13.rar windows_vista_extreme_gamer.part14.rar windows_vista_extreme_gamer.part15.rar windows_vista_extreme_gamer.part16.rar windows_vista_extreme_gamer.part17.rar windows_vista_extreme_gamer.part18.rar windows_vista_extreme_gamer.part19.rar windows_vista_extreme_gamer.part20.rar windows_vista_extreme_gamer.part21.rar windows_vista_extreme_gamer.part22.rar windows_vista_extreme_gamer.part23.rar windows_vista_extreme_gamer.part24.rar windows_vista_extreme_gamer.part25.rar windows_vista_extreme_gamer.part26.rar windows_vista_extreme_gamer.part27.rar windows_vista_extreme_gamer.part28.rar windows_vista_extreme_gamer.part29.rar
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