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Hacker Game Collection 2us91ra

A crude executive and entrepreneur, Demetrius Mordecai, discovers you on the Streets of New York. He sees you as person with a strong analytical mind, a keen intuition,
and a desire for power. Seeing as how your pocketbook was also empty, he recruits you as a hacker to carry out his dirty work. Vince,
his chief of operations helps get you settled in and used to the game. Being as successful as he is, Demetrius has also made many enemies on the corporate
level and a few of the first missions he assigns you is disrupting these companies by taking out their servers. Upon completion, Demetrius will make the unexpected
decision to replace you with a better recruit by unanimously giving the FBI a lead on the individual committing these recent digital crimes. Quickly responding,
the FBI surrounds your apartment building to find enough evidence to put you away for four years. Two years later after you are out of prison on parole, Vince,
your mentor from the beginning, helps get you back on your feet with some cash and the only spare notebook he can find. He and many of the others still working for Demetrius,

too afraid to betray him, are hoping you can unravel his secrets and have him put away for life...

rapidshare.com Street_Hacker.rar


Hacker 2005 - The broken Link

Working for a black agency, your mission is to steal money,
files, and other valuable material from internet servers
across the world.
Hacker Game Collection 20459
Hacker Game Collection 34985
rapidshare.com Hacker_2005_-_The_broken_Link.rar


Hack The Game

In this game you play a hacker. When you first log in to your hacking console
you get an email from someone you don't know, who asks you to do a hack for him because he heard great things about you. If you succeed, your name will become more known, and you will get more hacking assignments.

The assignments get harder along the game. To help you in your hacking adventure, you have a full featured hacking toolbox. You have tools like: ping, portscan, telnet, virus uploader, password hacker, file destroyer, etc.

The operating system used in the game is a mix of *NUX and MS-DOS/Windows, which I called ChaOs. It has some nice features, like a local filesystem (you can add your own folders), and much more cool stuff.

rapidshare.com Hack_The_Game.rar


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