Kumpulan Game PC

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Kumpulan Game PC

Post  uj3nK on Sun Feb 08, 2009 6:45 am

Ini adalah bagian khusus game untuk komputer...
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Wall E (2008)

Post  uj3nK on Sun Feb 08, 2009 6:47 am

Wall-E, players will control robots full of resources in a search that will run from Earth to the colossal Axiom Starline, parked on the edge of the solar system.
Join Wall-E, EVE and a whole gang of misfits robots in its tough journey through the solar system to deliver a message of hope for a world in oblivion.

The players will have to move quickly, run and fly while taking Wall-E and / or EVE to a dizzying adventure in the latest video game based on Disney-Pixar film, Wall-E.

Nine worlds packed with action and adventure, the game allows players to carry out intense missions, dodge dangerous enemies, solve puzzles and navigate through a futuristic world.

Download :

rapidshare.com Wall-E_BySherWarez.com.part1.rar
rapidshare.com Wall-E_BySherWarez.com.part2.rar

Pass : SherWarez.com
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Re: Kumpulan Game PC

Post  uj3nK on Sun Feb 08, 2009 12:59 pm

Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box (c) Electronic Arts

02/2009 :..... RELEASE.DATE .. PROTECTION .......: Securom
1 :.......... DISC(S) .. GAME.TYPE ........: Racing

Burnout Paradise (formerly known as Burnout 6) by Criterion Games is the
seventh game in the Burnout video game series. It was released in January
2008 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It was also released on the PlayStation
Store in September 2008 and will be available on Microsoft Windows from
February 2009. It has an open world set in the fictional Paradise City, with
no loading times and no traditional online lobbies or game menus. The song
"Paradise City" by Guns N' Roses is the game's title music and also featured
on the in-game soundtrack.

1. Unrar.
2. Burn or mount the image.
3. Install the game using the keygen included in the Crack dir on the DVD.
4. Install the 1001 update included in the Crack dir.
5. Copy the cracked content to your installation dir.
6. Play the game.



rapidshare.com bptub-r_By_Mithil_CW.part01.rar
rapidshare.com bptub-r_By_Mithil_CW.part02.rar
rapidshare.com bptub-r_By_Mithil_CW.part03.rar
rapidshare.com bptub-r_By_Mithil_CW.part04.rar
rapidshare.com bptub-r_By_Mithil_CW.part05.rar
rapidshare.com bptub-r_By_Mithil_CW.part06.rar
rapidshare.com bptub-r_By_Mithil_CW.part07.rar
rapidshare.com bptub-r_By_Mithil_CW.part08.rar
rapidshare.com bptub-r_By_Mithil_CW.part09.rar
rapidshare.com bptub-r_By_Mithil_CW.part10.rar
rapidshare.com bptub-r_By_Mithil_CW.part11.rar
rapidshare.com bptub-r_By_Mithil_CW.part12.rar
rapidshare.com bptub-r_By_Mithil_CW.part13.rar
rapidshare.com bptub-r_By_Mithil_CW.part14.rar
rapidshare.com bptub-r_By_Mithil_CW.part15.rar
rapidshare.com bptub-r_By_Mithil_CW.part16.rar
rapidshare.com bptub-r_By_Mithil_CW.part17.rar
rapidshare.com bptub-r_By_Mithil_CW.part18.rar
rapidshare.com bptub-r_By_Mithil_CW.part19.rar
rapidshare.com bptub-r_By_Mithil_CW.part20.rar
rapidshare.com bptub-r_By_Mithil_CW.part21.rar
rapidshare.com bptub-r_By_Mithil_CW.part22.rar
rapidshare.com bptub-r_By_Mithil_CW.part23.rar
rapidshare.com bptub-r_By_Mithil_CW.part24.rar
rapidshare.com bptub-r_By_Mithil_CW.part25.rar
rapidshare.com bptub-r_By_Mithil_CW.part26.rar
rapidshare.com bptub-r_By_Mithil_CW.part27.rar
rapidshare.com bptub-r_By_Mithil_CW.part28.rar
rapidshare.com bptub-r_By_Mithil_CW.part29.rar
rapidshare.com bptub-r_By_Mithil_CW.part30.rar
rapidshare.com bptub-r_By_Mithil_CW.part31.rar
rapidshare.com bptub-r_By_Mithil_CW.part32.rar
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Post  bluesky19 on Sat Feb 14, 2009 3:55 am

On the PC, Area 51 excels most in the realm of visuals, though perhaps not quite as much so as on consoles. The graphics have a consistently sharp, well-rounded look. All the environments are nicely detailed and are actually pretty well varied, despite almost entirely taking place within the confines of a government laboratory.

Steps of installation:
1.) Extract the downloaded games and double click on unpack.bat
2.) After complete extraction extract the game patch in the same directory in which you extracted the game.
3.)Run the game and play.

System requirement:
256 mb ram
pentium IV
64 mb video memory

Download: 242 MB
rapidshare.com Area_51_www.dl4all.com.part1.rar
rapidshare.com Area_51_www.dl4all.com.part2.rar
rapidshare.com Area_51_www.dl4all.com.part3.rar
rapidshare.com Area_51_www.dl4all.com.part4.rar
rapidshare.com Area_51_www.dl4all.com.part5.rar



Password: www.dl4all.com
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Re: Kumpulan Game PC

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